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Post My Sweet Transvestite RWD GC8

First and foremost I need to extend my thanks to those that made my car a priority in their lives, and helped me complete all that has been done thus far.

Dan from Smart Service Subaru
Erik and Doug @ Up Garage
Ray @ Garage Autohero
Dave @ 360 Auto body
Of course… The patience of my wonderful girlfriend

Alrighty, now onto the car…

As I am sure I have mentioned before on here, I have been drifting for four years now, and I started with the car everyone does, a Nissan 240sx. After some time I began to tire with the scene, and that everyone was buying 240s with SR20’s in them. There was little originality, and even after dropping 25k on my Nissan, it just was “another 240sx.” After seeing Team Oranges GC for the first time, I got a wild hair, and told one of the shops that sponsored me that I was selling my car and building a Subaru. I told only a few people what my plans were, and kept the rest to myself (that only lasted so long…Roland! )

…. In October of 2007 I bought a 95 Impreza L coupe, and in December my friend Dan and I started to tear into it.

Dan Happily getting started on the long journey!

Me getting excited about 20min worth of work…

The engine came out easily enough, but we were doing the swap on the side of dans house… yes those are river rock covering the ground… we went from this….

To this….(check out Dan’s face, I think I was the only one pulling)

The fun part began when I got to clean this engine bay, and sand it all down to get ready for paint. This was four solid evenings of work, in the dark, frozen awesomeness which is Washington in the winter.

I got it back from the painter and the engine bay had a nice coat of BMW Steel Grey Metalic p.code: #400 for those who want to know.

Doing anything in the conditions we were working in sucked… jack stands weren’t stable on this surface so being under the car was just uncomfortable….

To give an idea of what the whole set-up was, this was our shop for the winter…. BAH!

If anyone can point out what’s missing here, you get ten points! It’s amazing how much of a difference these bushings made…
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