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While down there I installed the Kakimoto Racing exhaust (dp –back, no cat for this system, but it will come later)

No other car that shares the same body has as many things on it that do not transfer as this car… Example: I thought an RS dash swap would be nice and easy. I was wrong, you need the beam, the dash, all of the brackets, all new plugs as they changed in the later model dashes, heater core, and the holes in the top of the firewall aren’t all there…. the L steering column doesn’t bolt to the RS beam, and from that issue stems the problem of the RS firewall having a larger hole for the steering column and the corresponding bushing. A dremel was utilized to fix this, but even so, I only dremeled enough to knock the solid piece into place. Lastly, all of the tree wiring on the steering column is completely different from these years, and had a different set of plugs and wire colors. This was a fun thing to find out, but I just kept buying till I got everything. I think in the end it was worth it.

Here is an RS dash on an L beam, BOOO!

(I will post the completed dash a little later in the post)

The engine I had bought was blown with the intention of rebuilding it, but here is what fell out of the block when taking it apart… (engine is a Ej20k out of a V4 Sti type-R

While we waited for one of the heads to have new valves installed my Watanabe Factory drift center diff came from and it was time to do the deed! We removed the naughty bits that make a Subaru so snow worthy (STI DCCD), and implanted the bits that would make it drift worthy. I know im probably going to get some **** for removing a perfectly good DCCD, but if anyone wants to buy them, I have the DCCD and the corresponding STI mechanical rear diff.
DCCD found a new friend…

Here is one solid center diff… I don’t think I would want another piece in here, the quality is just too good. Install, including cleaning all of the gasket off and re-applying new gasket, was 15min. Obviously that was with the transmission out of the car, but still, that’s pretty good.

Get that tranny put together, and make that bitch unable to recognize herself!

After getting the heads back and another block from Up Garage, Dan began assembling the engine…

Me helping the process…or at least providing much of the comedic relief

JDM front sub with aluminum arms and stub-shafts installed… CHeeeeeeCK
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