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Alright, now this is where **** began to hit the fan. After all of the wiring was done, fluids added, all vacuum lines checked, and all the belts were tight… The engine doesn’t start. There is no reason for it after all we had done to make sure we would only need to do this once. So we decide to compression test it. I forget what the exact numbers were, but the driver’s side cylinders were at about 25% of what they should be, and the passenger’s side was about at about 80%.... It turns out that the engine that was sold to Up Garage had fried piston rings and had scoring on the cylinder wall. I don’t blame them, as I should have checked before going to all of the work to get this thing together. Doug (the owner of Up Garage) and Erik (Mechanic at UP Garage) took it upon themselves to make sure that he ordered the parts needed to make the engine run, and that the machine work would get done as needed.

The car headed down to Erik’s house, where he could work on it more freely (he regretted this by the end of it I am sure ;-) ). Engine was torn out, and sent to the machinist for a 2 overbore, and Weisco Pistons were ordered for the engine while we waited.

Once the pistons got here, they were sent to the machinist to check clearances, etc. and shortly after were left to take this floor full of parts and make a rumbly STI engine out of it.

Girlfriend decided that I needed to look like I was actually doing something on this car.

Once assembled it was just a matter of re-installing it for the second time… All in all it has been about 10 months of working on this on a very irregular basis at this point and I was getting antsy. Erik had to deal with frequent phone calls about when I could make the 1-1/2 hour drive to his house to work on the car, and when I did get down there, we would be working on the car in the cold garage until 1am or so.
While waiting for everything over the months, I acquired a plethora of parts such as my coilovers, brake pads, Rotora rotors, Prodrive P1 front lip and fog lights, AFC-neo, Greddy Guages, etc…

Here are the 2-pot brakes off of a JDM Forester, with Rotora rotors, and my GP-Sports Coilovers (same ones on Gallery’s D1 Street Legal GD.

Tiny Brakes hiding behind Enkei NT03-M’s 17x7.5 +35 (thank you Enkei for having ****ty sizes in 5x100 bolt pattern.

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