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Question Swapped: A/T -> 5MT 2005 2.5RS, one small problem

So, I have almost complete success now in my swap of a 2002 2.5RS sedan 5MT into my 2005 2.5RS wagon. (Two transmission rebuilds later...)

So far, about 700 miles - after this weekend we'll have 1100 miles on the swap.

Transmission and clutch mechanically work great (after center diff, case, and transfer shaft swap)
No fluid leaks of any kid (had to replace front axle seals)
ABS system works fine, no issues
Reverse lights are wired and work as expected
Speed sensor is wired and functional
Ignition system is properly wired with clutch switch

However, I am still reading a P0600 Code with my scanner, and there is a solid check engine light and a flashing cruise control light. The cruise control system does not currently work.

Luckily, the car runs fine, but I would like to fix this problem and regain my cruise control for commutes.

I understand that the P0600 code is for a Serial Communications Error, basically the ECM can't find the TCM and isn't pleased.

Looking at the ECM pinouts for the drive by wire 2005 SOHC engine, there doesn't appear to be the pin that tells the computer if it is a manual or an automatic, which I believe is common in previous Subarus.

Anyone know what I need to do to convince my ECM that there isn't an automatic trans any more?

Looked briefly at the ROMS for the ECM, and I think the manual and auto are identical. I think that if I get a Tactrix cable, I can permanently disable the check engine light, but I don't think that will get me back the cruise control.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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