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Hey guys what an interesting thread, some pretty heavy reading, heres a thought and i'm not sure why it hasn't been mentioned yet but the rigolli boys from australia have the fastest drag wrx in the world, they use custom stuff inside their motors however i am sure this is all made by the company PAR in aussie as a friend of mine has built pretty much the same motor using parts sourced from them. His crank is a double cross drilled mains and single crossed drilled rod end unit that runs different sized holes from the outside to center on the main journals, i mean the center main journal has a larger set of holes than the two outer ones, this is done to compensate for the lower oil pressure and volume seen at the center of the crank because it feeds the two rod ends. it is a formula 1 design crank with knife edge and scallopped counter weights to reduce rotating mass. Also he has dowelled the two crank case halves on all the main bolts to prevent the small amounts of twisting that occurs under high rpm which seems to be one of the biggest problems with bearing distortion as the two halves of the crank case move the main bearings change clearance causing them to go out of round. i would love to post some pics of this crank for you all but he is gearing up to run the car this season and the motor is all assembled now, also on the oil pump side of things the word has it here in nz that one of our superGT wrx race cars uses 2 oil pumps stuck together on the end of the crank not sure if the block gets machined or there is a spacer plate but essentially it is running a 20mm gear set inside the pump housing, and yes both of these cars pull over 9000rpm and make big hp. One of the other race cars here runs a moroso baffled sump to reduce oil starvation and some of the rally cars run a standard sump with baffles and oneway trap doors welded into the sumo to prevent the oil pickup from starving under high corner loads. Crowesport owned by Trevor Crowe in christchurch has also raced cars here in NZ for a long time and they also suggest running an extra 0.5L of oil so basically fill to the top notch on the dipstick not the top hole to allow the sump to have more oil in the corners, they have 500hp mid mounted rear drive subaru justy race car and many numerous wrx race cars all making the numbers, i guess maybe the JDM stuff we get here in NZ is different to the USDM stuff, there are still breakages as with any racing it cannot be avoided at the end of the day it is just a matter of time with highly stressed engines in racing conditions. you just build it to last as long as possible with the budget you have
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