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Originally Posted by flyboymike View Post
1. Does anybody rock 30 year old cars in stock? Just the nature of advancing car technology makes it seem like the stock guys kind of have to buy the car du jour. What does this rule buy you? Is it just so you don't have to keep sliding obsolete cars into slower classes?
I think it is more the fact of some very good cars coming up with questionable documentation, or parts availability. Who is to say what's "OEM" when you can't get OEM? things like shock lengths start to come into play amung other things.

We went through a little of this in 2001 when Carpenter won E-Stock in a 1985 CRX - there were some questions about the difference between what actually came on the car and what you could get at Honda, and what was going to make the determination. At the time I was told, "we will just 914 the thing" - refering to placing the 914 so far out of competition it didn't matter.

Now, they don't have to worry about one of the multitudes of 1980s cars that are light, have good suspension geometry, etc sneaking it's way in to be a class-killer. (Because the only thing worse than a brand-new car-du-jour is to have a very old, can't-buy-it anymore car as the "car-du-jour")

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