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Default turbo and cover

It takes me about 4 hours to swap the turbo on my Baja.
The td-04 turbo on my 05 started making grinding noises two weeks ago. I took it off and put on a VF43 from an 07 Sti that I had in my garage. I live in the middle of nowhere, and I need the Baja as my daily driver.
It spooled up later than the td-04, around 3000 rpm, but much smoother. The stock intercooler had to sit slightly off to the right to accomodate the longer intake. I drove it like that for eight days, while I was waiting for a td-04 that I bought from a fellow here on NASIOC, for $150, to arrive at the UPS store in Blaine. It's about a five hour drive to the US border to pick it up. I wanted to keep the VF-43 in good shape for my crazy XT6 project, so I took it off the day before I left and put on a VF-39 (it has the famous exhaust housing crack) that had been on my 04 STi. I drove the Baja with the vf-39 on it from the interior of BC, an hour north of Kamloops, (about 2000 ft elevation, to Blaine, WA, (sea level) then to Lynwood, WA to a Pick-a-part autowrecker to pick up a door while I was in the neighborhood, then back to my home in the interior on Shuswap lake. Guy down there asks me: "What's that?" then reads the tailgate and says, "Subaru, is that a Chevrolet product?" I tell him, no, they are an independent car manufacturer. He looks at me with this really suspicious look on his face and says "Independent, huh?" As if he thinks that I'm trying to pull one over on him. I say, "Yeah, check them out on the internet". and had to leave. As I drive away, he yells "SUBARU!" at me. Weird.
It ran great all the way, both ways. No CEL.
HOWEVER, I was taking it easy, driving it at the speed limit.

On the way back, I stopped at Aldergrove autowreckers and bought an OEM hardcover for the Baja, then spent yesterday (Sunday) installing both the cover and the turbo. Swapping the turbos wasn't very difficult, except for one thing:
the oil drain hose clamps are hard to see, and even harder to get into place. I used a long flat screwdriver, a pair of surgical forceps, and a long hooked tool that I made from a thick piece of wire to squeeze the clamps and move them.

It's been a cold, wintery, Baja-focused two weeks, but I've grown to appreciate it even more in that time. It's a great car and truck.

Brian G
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