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Default The E85 Army Thread

This is an idea from EVOM .
First, I just want to call out all the haters that flame me to hell when I wanted to run E85 like 3 years ago. I made my first request for help on how to run 100% E85 on 03-14-2007 .

E85 is proven it works on Subaru's as well as on EVOs ^ so E85 FTW . I want to make a compilation of cars with different setups that run 100% E85. This thread can be useful to other members that want to run E85, as a minimum I would you to include:

1) Your injectors size
2) Injector duty cycle (if you have it),
3) Elevation
4) Turbo

Hey guys I am going to try to update page one, but from now on I want you guys to give me your info in this format:

7. 460whp 452wtq /mick_the_ginge /03 WRX wagon/ EJ257 + 35R .82 AR/times if u have them /1100cc + 75% /600 ft
List has been updated 06/16/10


Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
people in the midwest can get E98........if i ever get the ballz to store ten 55 gallon drums in my garage thats what im gonna have delivered

E98 Racing Fuel

Originally Posted by Phatron;

Here are some quality well priced injectors that I Juan Medina use with great success 1200cc Top Feed

our account with these guys is in the works right now

1000cc Top Feed

1000cc Side Feed

1200cc Top Feed

1200cc Side Feed

1600cc Top Feed

2000cc Top Feed
Info about people that want to use the top feed injectors with a side feed setup

Originally Posted by rexworx View Post
No Im sorry but thats not really fair and will stray folks away from agood injectors.

Considering I have purchased both Id1000 and FiveO's also have a set of the 1200 going into the car soon.

From what you said in the other thread is you were not comfortable with splicing 2 wires per injector. So instead of doing a lil research you canned the FiveO's and spent close to 200 bucks more, and prob a extra 50 for the plug and play connector, all because your afraid of a few wires. All you had to do is cut of the side side feed plug and wire on a topfeed one.

Now thats completely fine, BUT dont make it seem there was something wrong worth them.

Im sorry to come off rash...

Once again sorry to sound like a jerk, but you make it sound like the injectors are not good, but infact your not good with wiring something that is very basic in fact.

Which is ok but dont make it sound like the latter.

This is only a recommendation to minimize cost and maximize benefits, taking in consideration different setups and geographic location.

Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
My injector table would go like this. With the cost difference between the sizes and the good tunability of the injectors now days there is no reason not to go big.

44lb/min and under (20g or smaller) - 1200cc

44-52 lb/min (20g to gt30) - 1600cc

52+ lb lb/min - 1600 - 2000cc

Originally Posted by john 1badSTI View Post
ngk stock# 2309(lfr7aix) hta86 30psi 100% e85 no blowout,but once the air temps from colder weather start dropping the idle is still 14.4-14.8 but does not seem as smooth,a little more lopey.I think its due to ethanol's cold nature and when air temps get colder the fuel does not want to atomize and stay suspended as well with the in coming air charge.To greenracer it looks like going to a non iridium plug might have caused your issues,maybe.I still believe in running an ignition booster,just my .02.oh almost forgot .025 gap
Originally Posted by john 1badSTI View Post
^^^I also had good luck with stock heat range plugs ngk stock#6619 with no blowout,just decided to run 1 step colder for safety at the power I am at right now but like I posted above when temps drop I would recommend running stock heat range to keep more heat in the cylinder,remember heat is energy and with e85 burning cooler and colder outside air temps the added heat will help startups and driveability.
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