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Forgot to post my setup!

Drunken Boxer v3.0
1) Your injectors size: STOCK 280cc
2) Injector duty cycle: enough
3) Elevation: 5280ft.
4) No boost. Bolt-ons + Fuel chemistry only. 32mpg on virgin E85. My only fuel mod is a Walbro pump. It also uses colder NGK plugs. 7's and 8's love you long time...

E85 allows better tuning from the same combinations to bring us closer to our sea level times. It rapidly became popular in Colorado due to availability and a solid enthusiast base crossing ALL realms of vehicles. Gas tuning up here sucks because every vehicle is running around like a big octane test with brutally hot air and poorer cooling capacity compared to sea level. Ethanol fills both voids. I doctor fuel chemistry to improve power, cooling, and mileage.

Ethanol is a fantastic tool at any altitude. As I prefer to put it: "Making altitude meaningless." Latitude means more with ethanol blends. You equatorial bastards get to run 100% hydrous. I can't do that in December .

BTW, you guys might want to consider trying butanol eventually. I'll have more data up on that on my website. My little pitbike loves the stuff, but it needs to be blended to run right. Butanol doesn't evaporate very well but carries just fine in a mixture. Too much of it in a blend doesn't burn completely and I have to dial the mixture back to run right.

These run really well:
E85 and butanol
Gas, E85, and butanol
+ hydrous ethanol in any of those.

These mixes hold up for me so far in the cold. Gasoline is still the only one I can run straight. Blends of the others run brutally fast with the right plugs, timing, and mixtures. E85 is easy for most of you to handle. But, I went over your heads a looooooooong time ago with fuels. Marketing this stuff is a major bitch .
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