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Originally Posted by BLACK-OUT View Post
Nice choice on the set-up

Originally Posted by Yannerd View Post
Your vid card is a bit lacking... it's a start but yeah, it works right?
Yeah, probably is lacking but for what I'm willing to spend overall on the whole thing, I'm pretty happy with it so far, besides, I rarely watch movies on my computer anyway and any online vids look good enough for me.

Originally Posted by Drakar View Post
XP 64bit is pretty ****ty, but as for Vista it being buggy, ya I had it when it was first out and even before then during the RC's and it was ****ty, but the lastest round of patching has made it very stable, mine stays on running for weeks with very little degradation (if someone tells you a machine can run for a month and day 1 = day 30 is a moron and should be shot)
I do have the 32 bit pro

Originally Posted by ralli-tart View Post
if your computer is for work and for documents that sounds fine, but i was thinking you might want to upgrade your PSU if you're upgrading the videocard to something else. dual core, custom heatsinks, and big fan crossfire or SLI videocards suck up the juice pretty fast.

it looks like you have a stable mobo and good setup there, that's a great buy from NCIX.
My computer is mainly for web browsing and doing work on my online business website. i rarely game, but lately I've been playing some COD and L4D. I may upgrade like 3 -ish years later. Honestly I'm not much of a computer person, which is why I felt good about building this unit myself.
But yes, thanks, it is a great buy from NCIX. spent almost an hour there trying to remember what is a good brand or what not.

here's some pics. Dunno how to post pics with flicker, since photobucket is screwy with me and the allowable bandwidth.[email protected]/3408149495/[email protected]/3408958860/[email protected]/3408150625/
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