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Originally Posted by johnycakesg View Post
why do people say that autocrossers make good track drivers, but track drivers do not make good autocrossers?
Because that's how it works. It would be like saying, "why do people say the sky is blue, and grass is green?" Well because.. they are.

Looking at data, drivers that go from autocrossing to roadracing do much better than drivers who come from roadracing and try autocrossing.

Why is it that way.. well probably plenty of reasons. My main theory is that autocrossers learn how to learn faster. They adapt to new situations faster, "see" the line (or in the case of wheel to wheel, the alternate line) Autocrossers deal with corners faster (corners per min) and as such, are trained to react and think faster.

Autocrossers are also tought countrol differently. I have seen the quote, "Most racers go too slow in the fast corners and too fast in the slow corners" attributed to a few different drivers, but autocrossers learn that discipline - how to get the most out without going over the edge, whereas roadracers get to make more mistakes and get away with it. When the roadracer goes autocrossing, these mistakes kill him, when the autocrosser goes roadracing, the precision only helps..

etc, etc..

Jon K
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