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Originally Posted by Paisan View Post
The only downside is that AX people are generally not nearly as smooth as a pure Road Course person in the begining, they need to fight the urge to crank the wheel etc.
Agreed, I see this a lot with people I know that autocross. They are quick on a small autocross track at low speeds, but useless when it comes to high speed stuff (the ones I know). This can be attributed to not having the balls or smoothness needed for a road course. With autocross there is a lot more sawing at the wheel while road course has very little movement of the wheel. They are essentially the exact opposite of each other.

Originally Posted by STi-MAN View Post
Both are different.. but I haven't really personally seen a auto x er chew up a track.. usually i see that they're very scared of turns above 60 mph.
Yep, some of the ones I know don't have the nerve needed for a road course. Cause truthfully there is a huge difference between the car control on an autox and that of a road course. Getting the tail out at 30-40 on an autox is childs play compared to getting the tail out at 100+ on a road course.
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