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Post Clutch shudder

On occasion I get the early morning clutch shudder when first starting
off (25,000 miles, 00RS) but what is proving frustrating is the constant
jerking from a standstill. I have driven many manual transmission cars over
the last 13 years (including Subarus) but have never been this annoyed by a
clutch travel/action. I don't think that the early morning shudder is as bad
as some have described, necessitating a replacement, but the other clutch
action when starting off in traffic or at a light is ****ty. I have tried
varying my initial RPM when first engaging but almost always get that
jerking grab when the clutch makes full contact. Do I in fact have one of
the problematic pressure plate/clutch disc combos, or is there some other
detail I'm missing? In short, I can almost never engage the clutch smoothly
from a stop. Once rolling, going from gear to gear is no problem (Kartboy).
Its almost as if the clutch moves a certain amount and then just grabs. I
feel by revving it and sliding the clutch into place, I am probably wearing
the surface prematurely. Is this how a racing clutch acts? I have never
dumped the clutch in an attempt to fool myself or anyone around me into
thinking my RS is a Mustang GT, nor do I ride it. It is just impossible to
modulate. ANY hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Enough for now.

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