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My mother and father both drove under the speed limit for as long as I remember. Once day, after I had just turned 21, my mom and I had to go to an appointment somewhere and were running late. She's driving, speed limit is 25 in our neighborhood. I notice she's going a little fast and I see she's going 30. Then 35. Then 45 Then 50 and coming up to a 4-way stop ... which she blows through. I'm freaking out of course, because I've never seen her drive like this and figure she's going to get us both killed, and say something like "Mom! What are you doing?" and she replies "I figure it's about time for you to know how things really work. I only drive super slow and careful when you're in the car so I can set an example. While I don't drive like this all the time, I'll do it if it's really important." Within the next 10 minutes she did 60 in a 35 zone and 85 in a 55 zone.

We got to the appointment on time.

I then knew where I got my driving style from.

My father wasn't faking it ... he always drove slow.
I can remember when I was about 7 or 8 I was riding in my mom's '79 Plymouth Volarie with my dad. I asked him what a burnout was. He stopped in the middle of this big hill and put the car in Neutral. Rolled backwards down the hill probably about 20 yards with the motor revved (IIRC it was an old straight 6, maybe even an old 283....?) and slapped it into Drive. The car smoked the rears, going backwards about 10 feet, then started forward motion, still smoking tires. When we were finished my dad looked at me and said, "That's a burnout, and a pretty good one too." There was a huge J burned into the pavement there for a while
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