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Default Re: Another UTEC ?, Got Mine:-)

Originally posted by DiMensionX
Ok, UTEC, VF-34, Fuel pump, and all the other goodies are in. Car rides great and I'm VERY impressed. Thanks Phil for the favor by the way!

Now, on too the question. I have noticed some knock on the conservitive map so I need to start tweaking a little with the timing and boost values for my 93 pump gas. In closed loop the car runs like a dream, open loop does as well but I won't get on it till I can tune out the little bit of knock.

I noticed in the installation manual it referenced a WRX Tuning guide. Where might I find this so that I don't inundate everyone with questions:-). I've logged my knock events on two occasions and haven't gone back to those speeds since. After looking through the timing and boost maps I am a little confused as to where I should begin my baseline map tweaking. Obviously I should probably add gas, reduce timing, or boost, or a combination but I am a little confused as to the constants used in the maps and which to tweak first.

Anyone have any suggestions?



As i posted in another thread, we are still working the bugs out of our maps since we are now dealing with a much larger sample rate and different fuel qualities across the country.

What I suggest as a start is to start with your fuel map. Block select (shift + asdw) the area of the map that you’re getting slight detonation in, and then multiply (ctrl-u) that figure by .9 or .95 to add a bit more fuel into the map.

If that doesn't work pull a degree of timing out of the same area.

You'll need to play with this just a bit to get it spot on.

I do have one other question for you though, did the CEL flash and the car feel like it pulled timing when you got the detonation? Did you "hear" it? I think most people are going to be very surprised how much more sensitive the UTEC knock control is than their knock-link. We have recordings of cars that detonate and the knock link is still well into the "green zone"

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