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Thanks Nathan and Jorge (I Vote for a tuning forum as well ). Not only would this be a great forum for the UTEC, but other systems as well, also a great place for a DeltaDash repository.

Yes, the UTEC pulled timing and the cell flashed perfectly. The first run had 2 det's and the cel rapid flashed twice, car actually started responding the the retarded time before I visually could see the cell. The log for that run showed 02 knock count at that same RPM count as well.

2nd run, 07 knock count , utec pulled timing hard, never heard the detonation. Log's showed the 07 knock event at the proper RPM as well. Cel went balistic on that run and that is why I won't run my car WOT until I tweak it out some.

I will admit this, and this is my own fault/stupidity . I have everything installed BUT the STI injector's. I KNOW this is why I am having this problem, at least I'm pretty darn sure it is. My car is in pieces as I type this and the injectors are going in. Then I'm off to make some runs.

To answer your question about the knock link, mine is now for sale. I think that sums it up. The UTEC is great, the Cel flashing on startup to tell you what map your on ROCKS, and the knock detection/correction is top notch. No need for the knock link for me, I'd rather spend that on something else now:-).

And another answer to questions that have been asked on other threads. The transition between open/closed loop is transparent to me and I Auto-X this car, thats the reason I bought the WRX in the first place was to race it. UTEC control seems far more in tune and transparent than the Unichip. I did some DD logging last night and my EGT's are PERTY in any condition, no more of that partial boost issue.

I can't wait for the remote map switch!

Thanks guys,


PS, Nathan if you have a beta copy of that tuning manual feel free to send it my way at I will be playing with this thing getting it dialed in OR I am going to take a road trip from Atlanta to you guys to get it done before the race in FL on the 11th if I can't get her dialed in safely.
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