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Originally Posted by Tristar Racing View Post
Looking at all the past generation Pontiacs sold in the Chicago-land area, Pontiac was not the problem. The problem started when Bob Lutz got a bug up his butt about making Pontiac the US version of BMW. They created cars so out of step with what buyers were used to, they walked away. The cars still were not good enough though to draw the customers they wanted away from imports.

Hence they lost the loyal customers, and didnt gain many new ones. The same thing happened with Saturn.

Let this be a lesson to every domestic company. Magazines and publications may rag on your products. (Body cladding, ribbing on cars, fwd, etc) But changing the product to satisfy the car magazines does not mean success. I would not want to be a domestic car company, as auto enthusiasts we often forget what the simple common non-car-person buyer really wants in this country...

So you are saying that they should have continued to build POS like...

...because all the Cletus' and other slack-jawed yokels in the MidWest, who only bought them due to blind Patriotism and because they had a $5000 rebate, was the way to getting Pontiac's image out of the gutter that they have been since the 70s??

No way. No how. Pontiac was headed in the right direction with cars like the G8 and Solstice, but they were unluck with their timing (gas prices and severe recession) and unluck that GM simply didn't have the resources anymore to dump billions of more dollars into giving Pontiac the models that it deserved to have to truly become a "Performance Division". Lutz would have been Pontiac's savior except that limited time and limited resources were working against them.
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