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Originally Posted by Hazdaz View Post

So you are saying that they should have continued to build POS like...

...because all the Cletus' and other slack-jawed yokels in the MidWest, who only bought them due to blind Patriotism and because they had a $5000 rebate, was the way to getting Pontiac's image out of the gutter that they have been since the 70s??

No way. No how. Pontiac was headed in the right direction with cars like the G8 and Solstice, but they were unluck with their timing (gas prices and severe recession) and unluck that GM simply didn't have the resources anymore to dump billions of more dollars into giving Pontiac the models that it deserved to have to truly become a "Performance Division". Lutz would have been Pontiac's savior except that limited time and limited resources were working against them.

Look at the sales numbers of that Grand Am from 1994 compared to anything in the lineup today. Also, there were no 5k rebates on Grand Ams in that time period.

Once again, remove yourself from being a car enthusiast. Try to think like the common buyer who wants a roomer, comfortable daily driver at a decent price. I was not a fan of the Grand Am, but MANY were. They liked the style and value. Im not saying they shouldnt have tried to improve; what I am saying is they shouldnt have tried to re-focus the target audience. Pontiac never had a shot at being the domestic BMW.

Lutz had good ideas, but you cannot argue his change in direction for Pontiac resulted in lower sales. The G8 is a great car. Who is buying though? I was a huge Lutz fan in the Chrysler days and remained that way while at GM, but something has to give. His decisions have not helped GM. Even the Volt is being questioned, based on price and constant delays.

Slack jaw yokels? Clearly you have never been to the Chicagoland area. Unluck? You mean unlucky? Whos the yokel now?
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