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The New York Times reports (and GM CEO Fritz Henderson’s comments at this morning’s press conference confirm) that the US treasury has plans to “own” GM. If the current bondholder offer goes through, “the Treasury and the UAW would own up to 89 percent of the company’s outstanding shares, while bondholders would hold no more than 10 percent and current shareholders would hold 1 percent. The Treasury would hold more than half of G.M. on its own and therefore have control over the election of its board of directors and other matters requiring the approval of shareholders.” A reporter brought up the fact that bondholders’ $10 billion debt swap would buy them 10 percent of the new GM, while the unions would get 39 percent for their $10 billion haircut. Fritz declined to address this issue—probably because there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. Of course, the offer won’t go through. But the principle will be established. And then, according to The Wall Street Journal, consummated in federal bankruptcy court.

That’s when some $21 billion worth of unpaid US loans to the old, broken ass GM for a majority stake in the new, clean and tidy post-bankruptcy GM. The plan would also translate a large chunk of the automaker’s health care obligations to the United Auto Workers (UAW) into a UAW share in the new “good” GM. When asked by the FInancial Times (shame on the US press contingent) how he feels about a nationalized GM, Henderson deployed the distinction without a difference defense. “The US Treasury doesn’t want to run the company,” Fritz soothed, “they just want to make sure it’s well run.” And girls just wanna have fun. No babies, no lifetime dependents, right?
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