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Originally posted by DarthChicken
Ok, I'll bite.

I got mine yesterday, and I'm used to my LINK. And I'm having some issues with the software.

The A/F ratio goes to 21.9 sometimes... yet I'm running SO rich its not even funny. Obviously outside the tolerance of whatever mathematics are being used to determine A/F ratio from the front o2 sensor.

The RPM number goes to "000" sometimes while your logging. Very strange.

When you get knock, and you look at your datalog and it says "ECU" instead of a number (even IF the ECU is determining timing, I'd like to know what that value was), its a little frustrating. I'd like to know what that timing value is, even if its controlled by the ECU.

Closed loop/open loop operation is good, and I probably don't want to mess with the timing in the closed loop section, but thats where I'm getting my knock. So, I've started adding fuel into those locations, because I can't control timing.

Why am I getting knock under low load you may ask? Because I'm running a 9:1 compression engine probably.

All in all I'm happy with it though. Just some minor teething pains
FYI... data log #1 should have both your UTEC adjusted, and ECU interpreted timing.

Make sure your dip switches are correct as well. U,D,D,D,D,U,U,U IIRC.

Also.. if you have a higher compression motor, there is no way you can run ECU timing in closed loop. Your going to knock away until the computer gets enough knock to build it's own table. Save your self the grief and set your parameters->special constants->TPS crossover % to 0

That way you can map timing at least on MAP. You can run normalish timing in the atmospheric, 2, 4 PSI categories and then run what is appropriate for your motor.

Hope that helps,
Jorge (RiftsWRX)
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