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Default Holset powered 2.0 makes a couple passes down the track...

Some info/pics/video of my build: General's Homebuilt Holset

The quick run down on my project:

2002 WRX Wagon
Stock motor with just over 170,000 miles (heads have about 80,000)
Homebuilt Custom Rotated Holset setup (HE351)
Turbonetics EWG, ebay FMIC, E85, 07 STi tranny, lots of custom stuff (all piping, exhaust etc.) other mods *check that other thread, or my website: Car is full weight, full interior including spare.

I ran the car the other night at Bandimere. Elevation is 5900ft (5860 or something like that). It was a pretty decent time to run, but we had some headwind all evening).

I had terrible trouble getting off the line. That track hooks extremely well, but this caused issues for me because I couldn't get any tire spin. Tires at 47psi, LC at 6200. But with the 2.0, big turbo, and light flywheel it wasn't enough for a good launch. Had a best of like a 1.98 (at our other local track I've done some 1.6's, and 1.7's but it's easy to get a little spin there)

Anyway, I should have raised the LC some more, and played with my diff controller but I didn't get very many runs, it was packed.

Ran a best of a 12.3 and had a couple runs where I trapped in the 116.6mph area. I turned the boost up a little tiny bit each run.. but ended up getting my best launch in an earlier run. I need to check the slip but I think my 12.3 was at 114 or 115. I then made some 116mph passes with horrible 60ft's running a couple 12.4's.

I have the power, if this poor motor will hold together I just need 1 clean launch to do something good here! This isn't anything real exciting, but I figured I'd share.

Going to our other track where I do much better 60ft wise in about 2 weeks and we'll see what happens. Thanks for stopping by this post.
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