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Ramflex gaskets are crap. What did you trap on your old t3/t4 setup?
Yea they are not the greatest. Probably work well on an NA setup.

I trapped a best of 113mph, once. 112 usually.

if you want to trap 117mph you should be deep into the 11s not 11.9x imo.
Getting a good 60ft could potentially bring my ET down a bunch. I was just stating I would be extremely happy to get this setup in the 11's whether it be an 11.99 or better. I need to get out of the hole harder (1.7 would be good enough), but I try not to beat my car and hopefully can avoid breaking the stock 170k axles / rear diff. A lot of 2.5 cars with a heavy flywheel and not so over-sized turbo seem to do some impressive stuff especially in the 1/8! my car seems to be more of a back half car at the moment lol.. with the Holset I picked up 28mph on most of those runs.


Congrats on the motor holding up this long, that is damn impressive man and even more impressive that this project was home built. I know elevation is a killer but trapping 116 can yield mid-high 11 1/4 times.

EDIT: Did you try going through the water box to get some spin out of the tires?
Thank you!!

I didn't try that.. (DUH). I also didnt turn down my spiider diff controller very far (manual controller).. I have no idea what I was thinking while at the track.. just kept raising my LC thinking it would make enough difference
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