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Originally Posted by ScubaruImpreza05 View Post
Ya, I did some initial research and Vibrant claims CFM of up to 578, but I think that is for their more expensive race HFC. I want to have something around 500 CFM or more.
Yes, but what is the CFM that your stock cats flow and how much does yor engine flow. Putting on a HFC that has a much higher CFM without needing that additional flow potential is pointless. These are the things you should investigate and see if your stock cats are even limiting you in the first place.

Originally Posted by PA-Outback2000 View Post
random tech and stromung are the only "bolt-on" cats out there. i would save the money and do the cat and header together. if u get the random tech one, u probably won't throw a CEL, where the stromung is more likely to b/c it is only 1 cat. this is the easier, more expensive way.
No, the randomtech and stromung are not bolt on cats... you need to change the header to an 05 and previous impreza RS collector flange location header (borla, replicas, TWE) before these will "bolt on". The midpipe flange has to be rotated too, if I remember correctly. And they will both throw a CEL, the random tech is not going to not throw a CEL under the same conditions, i guarantee it. You should look into why the random tech has two humps and the construction of the stromung.
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