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Okay now on with the mods!

Had a few parts laying around in the shop so this first batch of parts are all freebeez.

K&N WRX Panel Filter
No-Name N/A Intake Pipe
Borla Header
Misc WRX Exhaust Parts
Borla Muffler
No-Name Crank Pulley
Ebay GDB Strut Bar
06 WRX Front + Rear Struts
Front + rear WRX Sway Bars w/ Links
05 LGT Engine Cover

Took the Bottom of the Stock Intake Box and cut it out so I could get more flow into the filter and cut the pipe to work with the stock intake box. Installed the Borla Header and then took off the stock exhaust. It was literally falling apart from the corrosion. Cut the flange off the First cat and bored it out to 2.5" Then I used bends from 1.5 WRX Cat backs to make an exhaust. There is 1 WRX Cat and 1 WRX Resonator connected to the Borla Muffler at the back. It took a bit of time but it is a true 2.5" all the way back with no CEL or other issues. Installed the pulley with some WRX belts I had laying around. car fired right up and sounds really nice. Its not to loud so free way driving is nice and it really gave it a nice power gain.

Next it was time to tackle the suspension. I had some concerns about the corrosion causing me problems but all the bolts came out fine, I just had to cut the mounts to get the brake lines out. Sways came out fine. So for the suspension I wanted the lower the car but I didn't know how far. We put the struts on one side and set it down and it was about .5" higher so about the same once it settled and I wanted about 1.5" - 1.75" drop. I decided to cut the springs. I know I know what all of you are thinking and I know, I am not a fan of cut springs but I had them there and I though what the hell we'll give it a try. So I pulled the struts apart and cut one coil out of the springs. Thats about 1.5" shorter; cut the bump stops down about an inch even though one coil isn't enough to bottom it out. After that I put the strut back together and tack welded the spring to the strut at the end so the spring wound't walk. Put everything back together and the car has perfect stance. After driving it I was surprised, no clunks, no binding, very smooth ride, and it handles great.

For the strut bar there was some work to be done. The GDB strut bar was a little wider and the bolt holes don't match up but it was free and I had time.

I then took the end pieces and cut the mounts off them so that i could Alain them on the car.

Then I set the bar and tack welded the tabs to the mounts.

Finish welding and paint.

And wala, a crappy $30 strut bar and 1hr of work. Yeah it might have been smarter to just get the right bar but this was free.

Johann @ Girodisc
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