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Originally posted by ScoobieSnaX
The car didn't show any signs of a missfire. Smooth acceleration, no issues other than the CEL.

The dealership has a set of plugs in stock....but I wonder if I should be going with a 'colder' plug??

I have 20K miles on this baby and this is the first time I've seen this code. It was running quite rich for the time I was running the stock ECU (waiting for UTEC to ship) which was about a month or so. Could this have fouled the plugs?

Also, the Subaru tech just said the last CEL I just got might not be a missfire code since it flashed then went away. I currently don't have a CEL showing. He said the car could "work through the issue and remove the CEL". Could this be true?


It's possible that it was a "fake misfire" we've seen several ECU's report a misfire when there was in fact no real misfire present.

A real misfire is hard to miss when you have a car strapped to the dyno.
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