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Originally posted by d00f
Just wondering what sort of AFR you guys try to hit when tuning for pump gas. I just got a WB02 sensor but don't have a bung to install it in yet so I don't know how rich the STi runs in stock form but the nice black tailpipe suggests it runs pretty rich.

From what I've seen watch the USDM WRX in stock form it seems to be as pig rich as 10:1. I've seen tuners lean them out as far as 12.8:1. I'm wondering what your thougths are on this.

Read the post and look at the charts... your question what the whole point of the post. I posted several A/F charts that should be used as an answer of what we shoot for when tuning a WRX on pump gas.

12.8:1 is really lean for any of the fuels that i've used.

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