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Originally posted by DarthChicken
This is great stuff, but it doesn't help the average "road tuner". I don't have a wideband o2 sensor - in fact, all I have is the A/F ratio that the UTEC has on it. And, I'm using water injection.

Any idea how I can get my A/F ratios better? I'm seeing some VERY strange stuff in my data logs - RPMS dropping to zero, A/F ratios going from "rich" to 21 or 22 (car wouldn't even be able to run yet its still rich) things like that. Is there any way to get the actual voltage coming off of the sensor? Or can I throw those two dip switches to use the rear o2 sensor, and it will report to me voltage via the rear?

I know this all seems very strange, and I'm pretty perplexed myself. I'm basically tuning via EGTs and knock (which I can't see really, other than when I actually get it - any chance of making the knockcount number visable?), which is hit and miss and potentially dangerous at best.
I second DarthChicken's questions. How does an average road tuner get a/f ratios better? Is there a good cheap wbO2 that we can buy? Or is this one of the goodies turboxs is working on?
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