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Saturday: Drivers Meeting, Parade (That I didn't attend) and then the street party the night before the race outside the track. - 160 Total pics. (140 with the 20d; 20 with the XT)

********WARNING NSFW LINK (naked chicks, and not ones worth getting fired for)***********
The night before the 500 becomes a mix of Mardi Gras and a state fair. Food, beer, and chicks wil low self esteem trading sights of skin for plastic beads. In the haze of alcohol, I think the guys don't realize that much of the time, they wouldn't look at most of these girls, but I guess that's the point.

One thing about this year is that the cops were a lot more aggressive. Shortly after I took the picture of the two girls exposing themselves, they got a long talking to. The guy in the picture above was arrested for public drunkeness, but as one cop said, "It's the closest thing I can find to being a bad parent." They were not enthused that he had a two-year-old out on the street with him.

I think these guys might have meant to be there in July for the Brickyard 400.

This guy was so drunk he couldn't even stand up on his own, and his legs were ready to give out on him as they walked him to the car.

******WARNING NSFW LINK (though.. for this board it isn't so bad she has some clothing on)*******
Most girls lift their shirts to get exposure, the girl in this picture wore a bathing suit so skimpy and thin that it was hard to tell if it was lingerie or not.

***WARNING NSFW LINK*** (If girls kissing is not safe where you work anyway)
These girls found what might have been a better way to get attention - locking lips.

..and some not so nice girl on girl action. I don't know what started this one, but they were sorta pissed at each other.

People started pulling them apart...

...and then the cops finished the job. (I can't get over the smile on her face here as she lays with her hair in a puddle of beer)

This girl was screaming at the cops, and after looking at the pics I am not sure they got the right girl, she was behind watching, and I never saw the woman in red in cuffs.

When they picked her up, the smile went away and she started struggling. Meanwhile - tie-wraps for the girl on the ground.

More to come....
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