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Originally Posted by Clark Turner View Post
Making power with turbo cars is about removing airflow limitations. On this car, the manifold was not the limitation. The limitation is somewhere else. Great test Jeff! I bet some cars will come to life with this manifold.

Thanks VERY much Jeff for the test results. Because of efforts like this Jeff's 08 STi holds the record at surgeline for highest number of dyno runs for any vehicle.

You are absolutely correct Clark. The manifold is not the limiting factor on this car and therefore overall power was not heavily impacted. Its not a matter of RPM as mentioned above. Its how much the manifold can increase overall airflow.

The next test will be my own STi. Its currently equipped with a 35r, built 2.5 liter shortblock, cosworth heads, and some nasty kelford cams. It makes about 500 whp on pump at 24 psi and revs to 8k. I'm excited to see the impact of the manifold on a setup like this.

In the VERY near future SurgeLine will mimic this comparison using my more optimized motor with and without cosworth manifold.

Tim Bailey
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