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I really would also like to point out the awesome corner working on Sunday (insert sarcasm here). Going into day 2 I had about a 3 tenths lead over Aytinc. I wanted to go out on my first run and put down a good solid clean run as a base to work off of. I came back from my run with a 55.8XX and they announced plus 1 cone. I was mad because I hadn't heard a cone or known that I had hit anything. I went back to grid and my wife said it was in the back someplace but you couldn't really see for sure. She told me Aytinc came back with a 55.0XX clean. I was worried since I had hit a cone so I had to clean it up and go a lot faster.

I decided to go check the master incident sheet before my second run to see which cone I had hit. It had me hitting a cone in corner 2 and also had a DNF on my run in the same corner. I was 99% sure that I didn't DNF my run as it was a very controlled run. I had walked the course 4 times and made sure I could run the course in my head without missing anything and had no problem doing so. I went looking for someone to talk to and found Sandy in the timing trailer and told her about it. She said she would check on it right away. I was leaving the timing trailer and Aytinc was right outside. I guess my wife was talking to him after I checked the sheets and he was saying he missed the second offset gate coming back on the course. He told Sandy he thought it was his DNF and not mine. She told us she would check right away. We went back to grid and shortly after someone came up to me and said that corner 2 was SURE it was 91 STU that DNFed which was me. I complained to him and almost wanted to ask him what kind of car DNFed and not just the number since a Grey STI and a white Evo are a bit different. He told me he could give me another run after my third run because of it. I told him no since I didn't want to be unfair about it, I just wanted to make it right. I had video that we could review later if needed.

So as it stood, I had no first run and Aytinc had a raw time 8 tenths faster than mine. Needless to say I had work to do and was not in the right frame of mind at this point to get it done. I went out on my second run and was driving conservatively to make sure I didn't hit anything and once I got to the section of the course that was corner 2 I kept thinking where I could have DNFed instead of thinking about the task at hand. I just wanted to make sure if I did DNF I wasn't going to do it 3 times making the same mistake. I came back with a 55.7XX clean, no DNF this time. I wasn't happy with the time at all but at least it was clean. Aytinc however came in with a 54.7XX clean. I was a second behind on day 2 putting me about 7 tenths back in the class.

Aytinc was running right before me, so I pulled up to the line and watched him launch. I pulled up to the line ready to go and the starter held me there. I proceeded to watch Aytinc run his run and Raleigh announced that he had a better time, but it was only a few hundredths faster. My heart stopped for a second there. The starter kept holding me at this point and I had no idea why. All the cars ahead of me had good times, no one hit anything so it wasn't like the course needed to be fixed. The starter of course is saying nothing to me so after 3 minutes I got his attention to ask what was going on he tells me that there are some reruns because of a cone that had been down on course. Now this wasn't the last few cars that had run, it was many cars ago so I had no idea why they decided to hold me at the line but it was very annoying. I ended up sitting at the line for 4-5 minutes (I will post video from day two eventually) before he finally tells me I can go.

I start the run and on the offsets going out I was pushing too hard and was a few feet off some of the cones and not on the line I wanted to be on at all. At this point I thought I was done for but I just put my head down and nailed the rest of the course. I did some sections way better than I had up until this run. I came across the finish and couldn't see the timer since they had them where the driver's really couldn't see them and after what seemed like forever heard Raleigh announce me as the new leader in STU with a time of 54.8XX, just a few tenths faster than I needed to run. I was shaking a lot more after this run than I have in a long time and was very relieved. Really wish that Sunday could have happened differently but the outcome was obviously great. Having checked the video out this morning after getting home I did not DNF my first run confirming what I had thought.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share the story that the results sheet wouldn't show.
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