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again we should look at the goals. For everyday suburban house owner, the tec-II is great, meaning it's simple. And if you tell me you don't have a laptop, then take the dam computer you have right now that is used to surf the bbs and drag it to the garage. you don't really need a laptop, you can do it with a palm, cassiopia (new ones of course). You get visuals of all your engine stuff, and get instant on the fly programibility.

I think it's just me, but anything you can hook a computer up to must be really cool. the possibilities are endless. If your really crazy you could even convert a 25 hp go-cart to fuel injection and use the tec-II.

I just don't want to deal with somthing I can't handle, such as the haltech, etc...
Dude you can run up to like 28 psi of boost and fuel managment to handle that on the tec-II. Thats damn good enough for me.
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