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+Haltech can be tuned in Real Time, meaning you don't have to turn off the car and load a map.

-/+ Everything is done by bar graphs (3d), meaning you don't manipulate numbers, just tweak graphs (dunno if that is a plus or a minus).

+Built in boost and idle control. Don't need to spend extra money to achieve these features.

-Uses stock sensors so a higher resolution crank sensor is not an option. Tuning to the ragged edge could get you into trouble.

-No high-output ignition coils. Can be purchased seperately, but this is the same as the Tec.

Haltech - $1200
not sure about injectors
difficult to install yourself
no real basemaps available

Tech II - $2500
high-output coils
completely bolt on
boost control
comes with base maps

Just thought I would add a little to this discussion, since I am now researching engine management.

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