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1990 Loyale AWD Turb

Default need to fix a DIY r134a A/C conversion

ok so this is on a loyale turbo AWD heres what i think is going on.

the hood has a sticker saying it was converted in late 2006 to 134a, compressor still comes on, no leaks and has dye in the system, system is holding pressure but still blows warm.

i'm not exactly sure how much 134 is in it, its not much because i watch the little window on the dryer when the a/c is on and the refrigerant only goes by every once in a while in a white foamy lookin manner. what i think they did is they get one of those fill nipple/o-ring conversion kits, blew all the old stuff into the atmosphere and stuck the conversion kit on and filled it up.

how should i go about fixing this?

should i find some one to suck out whats in there and then further suck out the air my self some how and fill it with a can or should i have them suck the old stuff out and suck the air out and then fill with a can?

i am trying to go cheap here, i think refilling at an a/c shop is gonna cost alot more but i also dont know how much just sucking it down is gonna be either.

the only thing i wont do is open the system and let it vent out, thats just stupid
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