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Originally Posted by Vaus View Post
Nice numbers, but it seems a bit laggy for that turbo. It looks like you're not hitting full boost until around 4500RPM. What are you using for boost control?

-- Ed
Yea i just noticed that too.. On same dyno with my rotated 30R i was hitting full boost right after 4K rpm, like 4.1K.. It looks like with your bolt-on 30R it's hitting full boost a couple hundred rpm later, like 4.4K rpm.. Interesting as i figured for sure the bolt-on version 30R would spool a bit faster and not make as much power up top becuase of the housings being smaller. Maybe you have a tiny boost leak? Just throwing things out there as i figured the smaller bolt-on version 30R would definately spool at least 1-200 rpm faster.. Im sure you dont even notice the difference though driving it's such a small difference.. Another idea is how the weather was when you were getting tuned, that could explain slightly different results..

Regardless of the slightly slower spool, 450whp on this dyno will trap low 120's, mid 120's with the 5 speed in it most likely, and run mid to mid-low 11's with perfect driving and weather.. Car is definately a beast and will smoke 99% of cars. Enjoy!
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