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I now installed 4 Ludespeed Kits with the full engine management setup. The turbo setup comes with everything you will need, including all the little parts you need to install the kit without having to go to the store for anything else.

The engine management consists of a plug in harness for the Link Plus (full replacement ECU), which is a great system. I am bias but hey it works well and lot of people will agree with me.

For the price you will not get a better deal. Even if you were to go out and source all the parts yourself, the time, money, and hassles you will encounter will cost you more then the Ludespeed Stage 3 kit.

I have run up to 16 PSI for daily driving on the Ludespeed kit on 91 octane and it runs fine with the engine management. Though I am a tuner for Link so that helps a little. As for having to much engine management, I beg to differ, you CAN have to much engine management, especially for people who don't really understand tuning. When that happens people don't know what they are doing, and things go BOOM.

In the end the Link Plus is pretty easy to tune compared to some units. Thought there might units out there that are a breeze.
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