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I have some photos uploaded by a Subaru owner who used my method to plumb his oil breather. To the untrained eye, the photos are meaningless and I have to admit documentary none-existent. Apologies for that. However, I'll try to summarize the plumbing methodolody here

NOTE: I later chose to dispose of the (Cusco) catch can as i found it to be inadequate. Quote a fair amount of oil fumes can be seen escaping from the tightly clamped vents. So if this can-less setup is considered politically unfriendly, please keep the remarks to yourself

The PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) vent is located underneath the throttle body (on GC8 models) and I have it completely blanked off with a rubber cap and clamped (it worked itself off once so now it's secured). The actual crankcase vents has two exits (one horizontal and one vertical) .. once again, using suitable rubber cap and clamp, I blanked off the horizontal and attached a hose to the vertical vent (on the logic that escaping gases find the quickest way out, this being the vertical vent). This lone hose is plumbed to and secured at the firewall, pointing towards the ground open.

Next are the head breathers (one on each side). The Left and Right vents are Tee'd then fitted with a small K&N [crankcase] filter. The vents on the inlet pipe are also blanked off using the same rubber caps and clamps procedure.

Now, i know after following many of the on-going discussions on this board that this setup is somewhat controversial (being totally vented and not 'closed circuit') .. it has to be said that this methodology has been copied by many others with no ill effects. I have run this setup for at least 60,000 kms. Besides, we copied this setup from JUN when S.Koyama was here preparing one of teir JUN 2.2L Stroked ver 4 WRX Wagon.
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