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Default ECU Comparison & FAQ

This ECU comparison outlines the general features of each ECU to aide in selection purposes. Unfortunately specific information on certain (ok, most) ECUs is hard to come by, so there are holes in the information contained herein. If you have any additions to this information or find any errors please feel free to PM me via the button at the bottom of this post.

All of the ECUs outlined here are assumed to work with Subaru 4 cylinder models. Whether or not the units are Plug and Play, Kits, or wire-in only versions are outlined within the information regarding each individual ECU.

Jump to comparison :
Electromotive TEC-II
Electromotive TEC3
Haltech E6K
Link Plus/Link 2
MoTeC M4
Pectel T6 Motorsport
Wolf 3d v3.0

Quick Glossary :
- Plug and Play versus Kits : Plug and Play units are strictly that, plug them in and go. Kit versions are units put together to work with the car, however additional wiring or installation of components will be necessary to install.
- Stand-alone versus Piggyback : Stand-alone units are meant to replace the stock ECU fully. Piggyback units utilize the stock ECU for some functions rather then performing them itself.
- Load reference types : MAP - Manifold Air Pressure, MAF - Mainifold Air Flow, TPS - Throttle Position Sensor.
- Output types : PWM outputs can output different voltages, whereas Digital outputs are strictly on/off outputs (usually to ground).

Some (most?) units will control both cooling fans and A/C circuitry, but will most likely use up extra outputs.

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As I stated above, if any information is incorrect or needs to be added, please PM me via. the button at the bottom of this post.

Credits : Nick Biancalana (8Complex), Jorge Carrillo (RiftsWRX).
Thanks to all who added to this FAQ, and all who PM me additional or corrected information.

ECUs to be added :
Apex'I Power FC (if it ever comes out)
Autronic SMC (waiting for PnP units to become available)
Mectronik (??)
...more? PM me with a link.

Questions to be added :
What is the resolution of fueling and timing control adjustment?
What is the maximum injector firing time?
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