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  • Is there a Subaru user base available for this ECU? If so, where?

  • An estimate of the ECU's pricing?
    $1,868.75 list. Street price will probably be $1,400-$1,500 range.

  • Is the ECU programmable by laptop, handheld controller, or both?
    Laptop only.

  • Does the ECU function in a "stand-alone" or "piggyback" fashion?

  • Is the ECU delivered as a "kit", or a "plug and play" package? For what models?
    Plug and Play only. Available 1st qtr 2003. 2002 & 03 WRX.

  • What datalogging capabilities does the ECU have?
    Internal: 512kB memory. Logs up to 15 channels simultaneously. Max record speed is 250 samples per channel (up to 7 channels).
    PC Based: Variable log rate with time limit based only on hard disk size.
    Data Analysis Software: 40+ Channel overlays from a single file, Multiple different file overlays, User definable Math Channels, Time based strip charts, Conditional X-Y plots, Histograms, Can export channel/ time subset to a new log file for sharing.

  • Does the ECU have the ability to control boost pressure?
    Yes, Controls the stock or any aftermarket solenoid Has a 17*21 “open loop” base duty table. Also has a 17*21 closed loop Target boost table. Has a 17 point Boost target table based on vehicle speed. Has a cockpit activated boost target override switch.

  • Does the ECU allow for maps to be switched on the fly, and will it need to be "reset" before the map will take effect?
    Map can be changed permanently on the fly without the need to ever upload a complete map. Engine must not be running if you do upload an entirely different map.

  • Does the ECU have any sort of knock correction feedback?
    Yes, Uses the factory knock sensor. User can adjust fuel and spark changes made in response to knock.

  • What type of correction factors (coolant temp, air temp, etc) does the ECU use?
    Fuel Corrections: Intake Air temp., Coolant temp., barometric Pressure,. EGT, Boost Pressure, Battery Voltage, Throttle position, Knock and Individual Cylinder Trims.
    Spark Corrections: Intake Air temp., Coolant temp, Knock and individual Cylinder Trims.

  • What oxygen sensors does the ECU unit utilize?
    Narrow-band or wide-band (UEGO) sensors.

  • Will the ECU drive low or high impedance injectors? Both impedance types?
    Both. High impedence injectors can be driven directly, but low impedence injectors need ballasts.

  • Will the ECU drive an additional 4 injectors (8 injector staged setup)?
    Yes, each fully sequential and independently phased. Also has separate injector response table for the staged injectors.

  • What load references can the ECU use for tuning purposes?
    MAP, TPS, 0-5v MAF, Frequency MAF.

  • What resolution does the ECU offer in tuning (how many load points, RPM points, and what increments of adjustment)?
    17 Load x 21 RPM points on the primary fuel and spark maps. Also 17 Load x 21 RPM points on the alternate fuel and spark maps. Spark resolution good to 0.32 degrees. Fuel resolution to 5 uS (0.000005 sec). All load and RPM breakpoints are user adjustable and can be nonlinear.

  • Does the ECU have the ability to drive external hardware? If so, how many, and what type?
    8 Low Side (Switched Ground) 1.5a drivers
    4 High Side (Switched +12v) 1.5a drivers
    2 4-wire Stepper Motor Drivers (3a max each drive)
    6 Spare Injectors
    2 Spare Coils
    4 RTD Type EGT Inputs
    2 0-5v Analog Inputs
    All spare drivers can be activated based on any combination of RPM, Boost, TPS, Coolant Temp or Vehicle Speed.

  • Will the ECU run off of the stock crank position sensor? Or will one need to be fabricated?
    Yes, will run off the stock sensor. Other types can also be used including 60-2 (Bosch/Electromotive).
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