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Default Haltech E6K

Haltech E6K

  • Is there a Subaru user base available for this ECU? If so, where?
    Yes, spread among the i-Club.

  • An estimate of the ECU's pricing?

  • Is the ECU programmable by laptop, handheld controller, or both?
    Laptop only.

  • Does the ECU function in a "stand-alone" or "piggyback" fashion?

  • Is the ECU delivered as a "kit", or a "plug and play" package? For what models?
    No. Wire-in only.

  • What datalogging capabilities does the ECU have?
    Onboard or laptop hard drive datalogging.

  • Does the ECU have the ability to control boost pressure?
    Yes, two wastegate control maps available.

  • Does the ECU allow for maps to be switched on the fly, and will it need to be "reset" before the map will take effect?
    Yes, no reset necessary. Also available on new software is ability to configure two maps within the unit and an external switch to swap between them on the fly.

  • Does the ECU have any sort of knock correction feedback?

  • What type of correction factors (coolant temp, air temp, etc) does the ECU use?
    Intake Air temp., Coolant temp., Barometric Pressure, Battery Voltage. Also in the new software Exhaust temp., and Exhaust Pressure.

  • What oxygen sensors does the ECU unit utilize?
    Narrow-band and 0-5v input from a WB controller.

  • Will the ECU drive low or high impedance injectors? Both impedance types?
    Both. 16 high impedence or 8 low impedence injectors.

  • Will the ECT drive an additional 4 injectors (8 injector staged setup)?

  • What load references can the ECU use for tuning purposes?
    MAF, MAP, TPS.

  • What resolution does the ECU offer in tuning (how many load points, RPM points, and what increments of adjustment)?
    32 load points x 22 or 17 RPM points (22x500RPM (0-10,500) or 17x1000RPM (0-16,000)).

  • Does the ECU have the ability to drive external hardware? If so, how many, and what type?
    Yes. 4 PWM outputs, 2 digital outputs (varies depending on how many injectors are being used).

  • Will the ECU run off of the stock crank position sensor? Or will one need to be fabricated?
    Yes, no fabrication necessary.
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