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Default Pectel T6 Motorsport

Pectel T6 Motorsport

  • Is there a Subaru user base available for this ECU? If so, where?
    Yes. User base is very small, would suggest that interested parties contact either myself ( or Lateral Performance ( for any inquiries.

  • An estimate of the ECU's pricing?
    Current pricing is UKP 2095+VAT (UKP 2461.62) for the ECU. (roughly $3,500 + VAT)

  • Is the ECU programmable by laptop, handheld controller, or both?
    Programming is by laptop only via RS-232 (built in drivers, no need for special adapter cable) or CAN 2.0B interface. Sample software available form

  • Does the ECU function in a "stand-alone" or "piggyback" fashion?

  • Is the ECU delivered as a "kit", or a "plug and play" package? For what models?
    It seems that Lateral Performance has been making kits of sorts. In their words: "While the ECU itself is not delivered as a plug & play solution, we have been making complete engine wiring harnesses, that should vastly simplify installation,. Additionally we can supply the required ancillaries. It will require removal of the cam belt to change the timing wheel."************

  • What datalogging capabilities does the ECU have?
    Logging is to internal memory, with a choice of 40 parameters from over 200, user selectable sampling speed per channel, up to 1k samples/sec.

  • Does the ECU have the ability to control boost pressure?
    Yes. Boost pressure control is a PID feedback system with a base duty table and PID feedback control. Targets are boost pressure, turbine shaft speed or restrictor pressure. Will control air injectors for dual port wastegate actuators (wastegate & antiphase wastegate control). Desired boost is a function of RPM and throttle opening, with modifications for various parameters (eg EGT, BAP), and also boost control dial.

  • Does the ECU allow for maps to be switched on the fly, and will it need to be "reset" before the map will take effect?
    The ECU stores two maps, these can be switched on the fly without a laptop. With a laptop a new calibration can be downloaded and will take immediate effect but will be lost after a power cycle unless flashed into the ECU. The only parameters that require a restart are hardware or engine setup related (eg the number of cylinders; if the engine can grow more cylinders while it's running, it's cleverer than this ECU! )

  • Does the ECU have any sort of knock correction feedback?
    Current issue T6 2000 ECUs with 1-21 firmware have detonation control as part of the base package. It can detect individual cylinder knock and will correct accordingly.

  • What type of correction factors (coolant temp, air temp, etc) does the ECU use?
    There are a vast number of corrections; basically if it makes sense to correct for something, it will do it. Too many to list here, look at the demo software for details. Just as a teaser it will do ignition correction for wastegate error (you can use this to increase or decrease exhaust gas energy to achieve desired boost pressure more rapidly). Of course you get all the coolant / voltage corrections you could ever need.

  • What oxygen sensors does the ECU unit utilize?
    Standard issue is one NTK UEGO wideband lambda sensor. Option of second. Also option of no UEGO interface, will run Bosch LSM11. Additionally two "spare" lambda inputs can be connected to any spare analogue input (4-off). Closed loop lambda control with PID controller per bank (useful on flat 6 with separate exhausts per side). 3D lambda target table (set cell to zero to run open loop at that point)

  • Will the ECU drive low or high impedance injectors? Both impedance types?
    Injector impedance is software selectable, but you can't mix types.

  • Will the ECU drive an additional 4 injectors (8 injector staged setup)?
    Yes. Will run up to flat six with staged sequential injection.

  • What load references can the ECU use for tuning purposes?
    For T6 2000 1-21 Turbo profile, the load is Manifold Absolute Pressure.

  • What resolution does the ECU offer in tuning (how many load points, RPM points, and what increments of adjustment)?
    T6 permits up to 24 load sites and 24 RPM sites, but no more than 400 cells (ie 20x20 is valid but 21x20 is not, however 19x21 is valid). Load is adjustable in 1 millibar increments. RPM is adjustable in 1 RPM increments. Injection time has 10 microsecond resolution in the map, 2 microsecond at the output. Ignition timing has 0.25 degrees resolution in the map and output.

  • Does the ECU have the ability to drive external hardware? If so, how many, and what type?
    Yes. Up to 10 PWM outputs available (there are 8 dedicated injector outputs, 4 dedicated ignition outputs, 6 dedicated PWM outputs, and four Ignition/Injector/PWM outputs, so depending on assignment there are between 6 and 10 PWM outputs). All PWM outputs support true PWM functions, there are no simple on/off outputs, but on/off functions may be assigned to PWM outputs.

  • Will the ECU run off of the stock crank position sensor? Or will one need to be fabricated?
    The T6 require an N-M crank trigger. Common patterns are 18-1, 36-1 and 60-2. We wire erode 36-1 discs to a tolerance of 7 microns and use optical sensors for greatest timing accuracy. The ECU will directly interface to magnetic, hall effect and optical (with schmitt trigger output) sensors. Both crank and cam sensors are individually selectable and calibrated. Cam pattern is easy to modify, needs a single pulse; timing of the pusle is user selectable. Offset of missing teeth is user selectable. The only mandatory signal the T6 needs to run an engine is crank, it has the ability to fail-over to a second crank pickup.
Special thanks goes out to Pat ( who emailed me with all the great information on this ECU.
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