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Default Wolf 3D v3.0

Wolf 3D v3.0

  • Is there a Subaru user base available for this ECU? If so, where?

  • An estimate of the ECU's pricing?

  • Is the ECU programmable by laptop, handheld controller, or both?

  • Does the ECU function in a "stand-alone" or "piggyback" fashion?

  • Is the ECU delivered as a "kit", or a "plug and play" package? For what models?

  • What datalogging capabilities does the ECU have?
    Yes, by unknown means.

  • Does the ECU have the ability to control boost pressure?
    Yes, via. additional solenoid.

  • Does the ECU allow for maps to be switched on the fly, and will it need to be "reset" before the map will take effect?

  • Does the ECU have any sort of knock correction feedback?

  • What type of correction factors (coolant temp, air temp, etc) does the ECU use?

  • What oxygen sensors does the ECU unit utilize?

  • Will the ECU drive low or high impedance injectors? Both impedance types?

  • Will the ECU drive an additional 4 injectors (8 injector staged setup)?

  • What load references can the ECU use for tuning purposes?
    MAP, else unknown.

  • What resolution does the ECU offer in tuning (how many load points, RPM points, and what increments of adjustment)?
    8 loads points (12.5% load increments) x 17 RPM points (500-8500+)

  • Does the ECU have the ability to drive external hardware? If so, how many, and what type?

  • Will the ECU run off of the stock crank position sensor? Or will one need to be fabricated?
    No, one will need to be fabricated.
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