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While we are talking about non-Subaru chassis builds (as that's what I am working on). I am interested in getting a list of "what the motor must have to run" of parts that I need to acquire.

At present I have a fully stock 05 STI engine/full uncut harness/matched ecu keys and bits... I also have the fuel system but no fuel tank as I am planning on having one fab'ed to match the location and size of the install location, but want to use the stock fuel system.

The engine was simply unplugged from everything and pulled out as seen here:

I will also be using the STI pedal cluster for the servo-tronic throttle body, the stock Gauge cluster and am interested in adapting the AC sytem (what parts are included in this? face controls/condensor/blowers? has anyone done this?)

I am hoping to adapt the stock or similar radiator, the 'water' bottle that comes with it ect... but I am hoping that those that have done one or two of these swaps (ciper) would chime up with a “Standards Check list before install”…

Also I am wondering about using the stock ECU and what mods need to be done to the ECU to not look for things like the transmission (using non-suby), DCCD and things like that. I just need the ECU to run the engine/turbo only.

To be clear, I am not looking for ANY speculation. I am only interested in comments from those that have direct hands on having done it experience… I have spent toooooons of money on “So and so is running blah” – only to have blah not work at all. So Please if you have not done this or know beyond reasonable doubt please do not reply, we need less speculation and more fact in these forums.

Thanks in advance for anyone’s time.
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