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Question What is this noise comming from my clutch? ABS issues too...

I had my clutch replaced about 4-5,000 miles ago, and recently, when i press the clutch in to switch gears or to stop, i get a whiring noise....not really grinding, but borderline.....and man is it annoying. It will continue to make the noise as long as i hold the clutch pedal down. If im at a stop light, i will lift my foot off the clutch and press it back to the floor and the noise goes away....anyone have any ideas?

Also, I have had my car back from the shop for 3 days now (rear ended someone 4 weeks ago) and every once and a while when i go to make a full stop and have my foot on the brake, i get the ABS to react, on dry pavement? Im guessing a sensor is messed up? any ideas on that too would be great!

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