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Originally Posted by TheNailman View Post
did mine today. ... on a side note, it might be a good idea to open your radiator cap before opening. . . . as i did end up taking a green shower when i cracked the cover.
in any event, the inside was FILTHY, and cleaned up well. went back together well, and idled well afterwards. ask me again in 4 months.
thanks for the original writeup!

did it over the weekend, car idles better than it ever did before. and yes, ther inside was filthy as well, you can see your throttle plate right thru it and that wasnt very clean either. loosened the CC cable as that was mostly the culprit for the throttle stickin in stop and go traffic (which i found myself in yesterday, and oddly, instead of the car getting warmer and watchin my oil temp gauge read from 195-200 degrees F, and raising to the usual 210-220 degrees, it actually DROPPED to 175-180 degrees...) and the fact that my CC cable had NO play in it and the last time the throttle stuck to 1 1/2 rpms, i pulled over, popped the hood, and just nudged the CC cable and the throttle went back to normal (aha, thats what it was)

it NEVER DID THAT BEFORE....especially not on a hot humid day lilke yesterday afternoon. i think i may have fixed my problem once and for all

also on another note, DONT USE ALCOHOL to clean the area of the gasket. use MAF or Brake cleaner as these are actual solvents used to clean automotive parts (and not your face roflmmfao). maybe thats why you guys have codes popping left and right. geniuses.

on another note, the throttle response has also improved some too. its funny how the little things make the biggesst difference on a car.

so yes to anyone trying this make sure both your cables (unless you are DBW) have decent play/slack in the cables or else a sticky throttle or EPIC FAIL may plague you in traffic one day.
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