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Default Meatys Timing Belt Changing Guide

Meatys Timing Belt Change Guide

If you prefer an HD video walkthrough of this guide; it can be found HERE

Words of caution before performing this procedure:

Pay attention to the diagram (just before step # 18) showing the CORRECT direction to turn the 2 large cam pulleys on the drivers' side. Not following the diagram, and spinning the pulleys in the wrong direction could cause interference in the valves, causing them to bend, thus creating a very expensive and timely repair!

Keep your new timing belt free from any contaminants. This includes dirt, oil, cleaners, and especially coolant. If you happen to get any of these things on the new timing belt, clean it off IMMEDIATELY after mishap and inspect for damage.

1. Open the turbo coolant tank, then remove skid plate from underneath the car if you have one.

2. Unscrew the petcock to the radiator found on the passenger side of the car. Drain the coolant into a clean container if you plan to reuse it later. While you're in this area of the car, unclip the radiator wiring harness found just above the petcock. On the bugeyes, this harness requires you to "PULL UP" the little tab while unplugging it, rather than the usual PUSH connectors found on 04+ WRX & STI's. The 04+WRX/STI connectors are gray and are a pain in the butt. The tabs are very small and hard to push, I like to use a small bolt to press the small tab down while I pull the harness out on these. I found these items easier to reach when unclipping and moving the power steering reservoir tank and coolant reservoir tank on the drivers' side.

3. Underneath the car on the drivers side, you have another radiator fan harness just like the other one. Unplug it, and then grab a screwdriver and undo the ring clamp on the lower radiator hose. Have another large container ready, you will probably get almost as much coolant out of this hose as you got out of the petcock.

4. Once the coolant is all drained, undo the ring clamps holding on the upper radiator hose, and remove the hose completely from the engine and radiator.

5. Undo the remaining 2 small coolant lines going to the radiator on the passenger side. Undo the 2 12mm bolts on the radiator support and remove the brackets. Pull out the radiator and set it in a safe place where it won't get damaged.

6. Grab a 12mm ratchet and break loose the bolt on the right side of the alternator (do not remove it, simply break it loose). Now break loose the bolt facing you on the left side of the alternator. Break it loose and give it about 4 or 5 more turns.

7. Now undo the long bolt that adjusts the height of the alternator. Turn it enough times that you are able to remove the belt. For the AC belt, simply take out the 2 12mm bolts holding the tensioner in place. Then remove the AC belt.

8. Get into the car and put the car in 3rd gear and be sure the handbrake is applied all the way. Using a 22mm socket on a breaker bar, break loose the crank pulley. Remove the screw and wiggle the crank pulley side to side until it walks off the crank. If for any reason it doesn't walk off, try hitting each side of it with a rubber mallet. If you decide to pry it off with a crowbar, be sure not to pry against the plastic timing covers!

9. Reinsert the bolt that held on the crank pulley, and screw it all the way back in. Grab a 10mm socket, ratchet, and extension and go to town on all of timing cover bolts. There are 3 on the left side, 4 on the right side, and 3 that you will need to get to from underneath the car for the center cover, and 4 on top. Put the timing covers in a safe place where they won't get damaged.

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