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10. Using the reference guide below, turn the crank bolt until the crank sprocket line is matched up the the line above it, and all the notches on the cam pulleys and inner timing cover match up just as they do in the diagram. This is how everything will line up again when the new belt is installed. If you are re-installing the same belt, now is a good time to use a paint marker to draw lines on the timing belt at each mark on the cam pulleys and notches on the timing belt cover. Be sure to also mark the line on the crank sprocket too.

11. Using a 14mm ratchet, unbolt the lower left-hand-side idler pulley. Remove the pulley entirely, then unbolt the tensioner pivot bolt. *warning, when removing the tensioner, sometimes the cam gear pulleys will go into a lift mode causing the pulleys to rotate. Be sure your fingers aren't anywhere near them when it does this to avoid injury.

12. Remove the timing belt guide that covers the belt on the crank gear using a 10mm socket. You may have to unbolt the timing belt guides on 3 of the corners of the rear timing belt cover.. do so using an allen key wrench. Be sure to eyeball the amount of gap between the guides and the timing belt before loosening them, this way you will have a good idea on how close to put them back later. Now remove the old timing belt, remove all idler pulleys and hold the center of each one with your thumb and index finger and spin them. If they spin very easily and make a "rollerskate" rattle, replace them. I recommend replacing ALL pulleys. New pulleys will make no noise, and will not continuously spin on their own. After replacing all necessary worn idler pulleys, be sure to leave the lower left pulley off (the one we removed in step 10) Torque replaced pulleys to 39 N-m / 28.9 ft lbs.

13. If you are replacing your tensioner completely (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), skip this step.. if not, place the tensioner PIN-SIDE UP into a C-Clamp. Press the pin back into the tensioner SLOWLY, keeping the tensioner pin-side up thru the whole process. Do not go fast, I recommend this process to take at least 10 mins from beginning to end, making very small twists to the C-Clamp. Going too fast during this procedure will burst the seal making the tensioner unusable. After the hole in the pin lines up with the hole in the tensioner housing, place a hex key or small screwdriver into the holes to keep the pin down.

Use the reference diagram shown in step #10 for the next few steps. If you are reusing a timing belt, be sure that you mark the lines in the correct places. Use the illustration below to count out the amount of teeth and make marks with a sharpie or paint marker. Making the marks on the edges of the belt as well as on the surface will help see the marks on the lower pulleys where they are hard to see. Also note that the diagram also shows the single and double mark placement on the cam pulleys and where they need to be.

14. Take your car back out of 3rd gear, and double check the small line on the crank sprocket. Make sure it is lined up with the line on the motor, if not, turn the crank clockwise with the 22mm socket and align them. There are two marks on the crank sprocket a dash (line), and a dot.. you want to line up the dash

15. The passenger side top pulley, and the pulley below it will align without force. If you are using force to get them to align, you will be bending your valves! Align the passenger side top cam gear pulley as shown below. The single line mark will point straight up (and match the line in the plastic timing belt rear cover) The double line will point straight down.

16. Again: The passenger side bottom pulley, and the pulley above it will align without force. If you are using force to get them to align, you will be bending your valves! Align the passenger side lower cam gear pulley as shown below. The single mark will point directly to the left of the motor (and match the line in the plastic timing belt rear cover) The double line will point straight up and match up evenly with the double lines on the above cam gear pulley.

17. Feed the timing belt around the two cam gear pulleys that you just aligned. Your new timing belt should have marks/lines on it. (if not refer to the diagram above step 13) Be sure to line up the lines to the single lines on the cam gear pulleys. Feed the top part of the belt over to the crank gear pulley. If there is no mark on the belt where the line is on the crank gear pulley, you have the wrong lines on the belt. Try using the other end of the belt, or flip the belt around and put it on the other way if that doesn't work. ALL marks on the belt will line up with all SINGLE lines on all pulleys. There is only 1 way the belt can line up with all of them, if they don't line up, it's on wrong.

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