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Originally posted by ron_c1
I also got a flash of the CEL.....with slight hesitation when at WOT in 5th between 3-3.5k. I am running the stage 2 map....skywalker made a few changes to my map, and it seems to have gone away.....or at least the CEL doesn't flash anymore. He wasn't sure if it was being caused by fuel (91 octane here in cali) or timing....
That flashing CEL was caused by detonation not a misfire code. The "slight hesitation" was the UTEC pulling ignition timing. It was caused by the fact that you were using a UTEC map tuned for 93 Octane gas with 91 Octane gas. If you have to run anything less than 93 Octane gas, you will most likely have to either lower the boost or reduce ignition advance (or perhaps both) to avoid detonation.

Remember guys, high octane gas is a friend of the turbocharged car. You should see the ignition advance and boost we can run without detonation on VP C16 Leaded Race Gas (MON 117, RON 118).

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