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Originally Posted by MasterKwan View Post
I think you have a more fundamental problem than just pad selection. More likely the front brakes aren't pulling their weight so, the rears are doing too much work. Maybe this is pad selection like, too little pad in the front but, I wonder if your BBK is actually working properly. I've often run track pads in the front and cheap street pads in the back (though not on a subaru) and not had problems with excessive rear wear. You really want an aggressive pad for the front and some lessor pad in the rear. It'll keep the rear in check under heavy braking.
OK, so clearly the pads I'm running are inadequate for the track. I'll try EBC Yellows as per REX8's suggestion to start with and see how those go.

That raises the next issue -- BBK + H6 rear rotor + track-ish pad in back screws up the brake balance (at least for me), so I'll step back to the stock rear rotor size. I'm not convinced the additional ~1" in diameter really bought all that much heat capacity on these solid rotors anyway...

Any recommendations against the second point above?

Originally Posted by Element Tuning View Post
I have the same problem with my 08 WRX with Brembo fronts and front track pads (DTC70 or Pagid Yellow). The problem on the 08 WRX rear is that there are very few actual track pads available.

You may want to try to increase cooling back there with some ducting to help but also a real track pad will last much longer if you can find one for that caliper. In the long run it will be cheaper to buy a more expensive race pad (Hawk DTC 60 etc) as you won't have to buy new pads every event.
I'll definitely keep this in mind; if I get to this point I'll just bite the bullet and swap pads in the night before and back the night after a track day. It just really seems to me that with the bias set up right, that I should be able to force the front brakes to carry most of the heat load. It just isn't working out that way in practice...
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