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Originally Posted by MasterKwan View Post
With your current setup, how hard is it to lock up the front wheels? I'm just curious if the front brakes are pulling their weight. I can lock up my brakes at will at any speed with just the factory Brembos,decent pads and decent rubber.

Like Mav1c, my rears just don't wear. Since the fronts are supposed to be doing 70% of the braking, the rears shouldn't be wearing or getting THAT hot. I still have this sneaking suspicion that the rears are being asked to do too much because the fronts aren't pulling their weight. Something like the piston sizes being wrong so, your brake balance is WAY off.
What are decent pads and rubber? That can mean a lot of different things. On track, with RS-2s and DS2500s, yes, I can activate ABS at will (do you pull the ABS fuse or something to allow it to actually lock?).

For what it's worth, I did call Stoptech tech support and suggested this (i.e. incorrectly sized pistons) as a possibility. Didn't elicit much of a reaction. Not sure what that means.

I've said this several times now, but it probably bears repeating -- in addition to the (say) WRX-specific BBK I'm running, I was running the H6 rear rotor. You guys must know what I mean, right? It's an inch larger in diameter than stock. The tech support guy balked at the idea that I was running the larger rear rotor, given that the BBK already shifts bias 10% rearward.

Can't say I was entirely happy with the conversation, BTW. Like most tech support types, he seemed more interested in talking at me than talking with me. But that seems to be the way of things.
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