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Originally Posted by grippgoat View Post
So if you took one of those pads, and continued to operate them above their temperature range, and just pushed the brake pedal harder, you don't think you'd end up destroying the pads? I suppose anything is possible, but in the real world, things generally get softer when they get hot, and soft things wear faster.

Of course you can. Case in point, the OP is clearly melting his pads. Trying to run street pads on the track absolutely will just overheat and smear the material right off. I was just pointing out that not every case is this worst-case senario. It is possible to run pads just over idea heat range, still have reasonalbe life, but have the friction fall off. This is especially true with metalic track pads, it takes a LOT to simply melt them like you can a street pad, but you can easily get beyond their ideal temp range....aka Hawk Blues, XP8's and even 10's. Just try to smear the material off of them....but you can certainly get them above their ideal operating range.

That kind of behavior is quite common.

In general, I'm not sure what point you are trying to make, we all agree why his rear pads went so quickly. But your assumption that you can't heat a pad past ideal and not melt it off is flat out wrong.
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